Top Shitty Headlines, October 17th, 2017

Super Shitty News

Slain walking to mosque was also raped: indictment what america's homebuilders need desperately florida man kills family friend for hitting on imaginary girlfriend 'of course it's loaded...' - shot man's final words revealed

Other headlines:

Devices lincolnshire police play gran turismo to improve driving southwest airlines replies to customer's tweet nine years later first evidence that online dating is changing the nature of society facebook buys app
In china can expect austere treatment in keeping with president xi jinping’s pledge to crack down on corruption and extravagance. florida governor declares state of emergency before white nationalist richard spencer's speech man

About SNN

What happens if a robot writes the news? Headlines these days are so over the top and ridiculous at times that I thought it would be interesting to see what happens when you feed a robot all of these sources and let it write the headlines.

Sometimes the headlines are hilarious, sometimes sad, sometimes they make no sense at all. You will notice how the news cycle works in 24 hours periods, stories will sometimes repeate, this is because the selected news sources are posting the same stories over and over again for clicks and attention. is a shitty robot that scrapes RSS feeds of news organizations around the world and creates Markov Chains out of the headlines by category. They are completely random parings of headlines. Every 2 hours the bot scrapes for new stories for the day and creates a random new set of headlines.

Created by: Drew Dahlman
Source Code: Github